122 N Haddon Avenue, Haddonfield, New Jersey 08033 (856)429-3423

122 N Haddon Avenue
Haddonfield, NJ 08033

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Tuesday: 11.00AM – 8.00PM
Wednesday: 11.00AM – 8.00PM
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Sunday: 12:00PM – 8.00PM

Danny and Lauren DiGiampietro

For nine years, Danny DiGiampietro operated his own bakery in South Philadelphia.

But he said it was “a financial nuclear bomb” trying to compete against far more established shops like Amoroso’s, Aversa’s, Cacia’s, and Liscio’s–operations that “don’t have mortgages” after so many years.

So when his bakery folded, DiGiampietro started driving a bread truck along a delivery route that took him past a closed pizza shop in Haddonfield.

Sandwiched within the row of professional buildings from Jersey Java and Tea to the TD Bank building, the storefront at 122 North Haddon Avenue drew DiGiampietro’s eye every day.

It was only a promise to his wife Lauren that kept him from inquiring about the property more seriously for a year.

Six months later, the couple opened Angelo’s Pizzeria, named for their two-year-old son.

‘Not about the bottom line’

  • Listen to me...just stop. Really, I meant it, just stop what you are doing! Now go to your junk drawer and grab all those pizza joint menus and toss them right in the garbage. The food at Angelo's will make you forget any cookie cutter, run of the mill pizza you've ever had. It may be the best pizza my fat ass has ever consumed...and I've consumed many a pie. I went for takeout tonight and couldn't wait to get home to try the plain pie, clam pie, and The Looch sandwich. First the plain pie. We got it lightly baked so the kids didn't break my balls that it was burnt (they have no idea how good a crispy crust is yet). The sauce was a perfect mix of sweet and tangy and totally balanced out the cheese. Speaking of the cheese, there's gotta be at least 3 kinds on there. Such a pleasure to eat. And the crust held it all together. Crispy on the outside and fluffy and warm inside. Boom!!! Delicious.
    We also got a clam pie that I've been salivating thinking about since I saw them post it yesterday on Facebook. I tried to order one before 3:30 to pick up on the way home from work but, alas, they don't take pre-orders in Friday. Don't blame them one bit. So I basically had a staring contest with my clock at work until I called to place the order right before 5. Getting to the pie; it's a white pie with what seemed like and entire pound of bacon and 3lbs worth of clams. I mean, are you kidding me? These guys laid it on thick and it was worth every penny I paid. The bacon was crumbled in not too tiny, not too big pieces and the clams range from chopped to straight out of the shell. A generous portion for sure. The pie also had a good amount of garlic and I believe some olive oil. What a great pie and I was glad to hear they are keeping it on the menu so long as they can get fresh clams daily...no canned junk here! And lastly, The Looch. This beautiful s.o.b. was packed with pan fried chicken cutlets, hot soppresata, long hots, their housemade mozzarella, shaved Parmesan, and sharp prov. Did I mention it was on house baked bread? Wtf?!?!?! This sambo was outta this world and tasted exactly how I would've expected. I can't believe how much homemade love was put into this food but as soon as you taste it, you know instantly that you've been missing something. Not many joints out there that put this much soul into their food and I, for one, appreciate it. Listen, just go there. If you still haven't tossed those old pizza joint menus, you're doing it wrong and yourself a disservice in the process. The only negative about this place is that I live 30 mins away, hahaha. Thanks Angelo's!!! See you soon!
    Colin O
  • Loved it. Great pizza. Takes a lot for me to give a pizza 5 stars. Great place. Sorry I didn't know it existed before now. We had the grandma pizza. The crust is great tasting and you can tell the ingredients are top quality.
    Dan Peshkin
  • I drive 40 minutes every Friday to eat this and it's so worth it. Everything is amazing, but I will list my few favorites: cheesesteak with Coopersharp, it's in my top 3 of all time. Grandma Pie, amazing. Big Lou is the perfect sausage pie combo. If you like a thick square pie, inside out jawn is also legit. Can't go wrong here, even the Angelos salad is on point. My favorite pizza place by far, and it's not even close.
    David Nerenberg