All hoagies are served on a Sarcone’s seeded bread with lettuce, tomato, onions, black pepper, Oregano and EVOO and are sliced to order. (No Salt)

Choice of American, Cooper Sharp, Mild Provolone, Sharp Provolone

Genoa Salami, Cotegina, Hot Capicola, Imported Ham and Mild Provolone.    8.75

Ham and Cheese
Imported Ham with the cheese of your choice.    8.00

Turkey and Cheese
Freda Home Style Turkey Breast with the cheese of your choice.    8.00

Mixed Cheese
Mild Provolone, Cooper Sharp and American.    8.00

Italian Tuna
Chunk White Tuna packed in Olive Oil.    8.50

Roast Beef and Cheese    8.75

The Pops
Prosciutto di Parma, Sopressata, Dry Cured Capicola, Mortadella and Sharp Provolone.    10.00

The Moms
Prosciutto di Parma, Roasted Red Peppers and Sharp Provolone.    9.50

Hoagie Trays

2 Loaf (feeds 4 to 6) 24 Cuts.    38.99
3 Loaf (feeds 8 to 10) 36 Cuts.    57.99
4 Loaf (feeds 12 to 15) 48 Cuts.    76.99
5 Loaf (feeds 18 to 20) 60 Cuts.    95.99
6 Loaf (feeds 21 to 24) 72 Cuts.    114.99

All Hoagie Trays require 24 hour’s notice.