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The Grandma pie is the talk of the town at Angelo’s

Danny DiGiampietro has been obsessed with pizza as long as he can remember.  Read More >>

Best of the Best 2016, Chicken Cutlet Sandwich and Grandma’s Pizza

Here we go again. After spending the past 12 months combing South Jersey for the finest food and drinks, remarkable retail shops, soothing spas and more we are able to present our annual Best of the Best picks for 2016.  Read More >>

Angelo’s Ranked #6 in NJ

N.J. Pizza Power Rankings: A new No. 1, and 7 newcomers on the list
You don’t need a fancy imported oven and crank out “artisanal” pizzas to make this list. Angelo’s, open just two years, looks like your basic neighborhood pizzeria, but you won’t find the Upside Down Jawn at your local pizza joint.  Read More >>

Tradition, Passion in the Dough at Angelo’s Pizzeria

The DiGiampietro family brings its South Philadelphia heritage to the recipes at its Haddonfield pizza shop. Read More >>

Keystone Pizza Critic

I don’t get to the Philadelphia area for pizza reviews often enough so when I do find myself in and around the City of Brotherly Love I make it count by bingeing on pizza. On a recent Friday I had planned to visit FIVE pizzerias, unfortunately as the night was coming to a close I was only able to manage grubbing at four different establishments. Let the tour begin! Read More >>